Its that time of life where the story of The Monkeys must be explained.

It was some time in early Februray (between the second and the thirteenth, the year of our lord 2003. I was sat in Key Skills in the deepest and darkest far corner, surfing away on ebay when suddenly I found The Monkeys. Realising that Sophie who I was sat with just didn't get it I hastened to fetch my mentor, Mr. Tom Jenks. He appeared to fall deeply in love with them instantly.


The ebay picture
On the eve of the seventeenth of February we were seated (I presume) in our respective abodes awaiting 22:20(ish) and the end of the bid. 53 seconds before the end, Tom placed the bid and whisked The Monkeys away from postcardmarkessex. This victory was possibly celebrated too heartily, I drank four bottles of something disgusting that claimed to be a pinapple alcopop. Never trust anything that costs 1.59 for four bottles. On the nineteenth, payment was dispatched. Alas the postage fee (34 pence) was forgotten. It was all okay though.
The Monkeys were posted on the 20th. Some time between the 21st and 24th they arrived. Sadly, my Monkey interaction had to be postponed as I was forced to spend Wednesday in Newcastle.

Thursday the twenty seventh of February was my first full colour viewing. I had never seen anything so beautiful and yet so frightening. A week later I was given temporary custody of them, it seemed nothing could ever live up to it.

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