Cage Pics

Archie and Theo's Cage
Theo and Archie share an Imac Fantasy with two extensions. Archie has the top blue floor, half the floor below and the Ferplast Criceti 9 attached via tubing (a FOP cage adapter placed over the door of each cage holds the tubes in place). Theo has the bottom, middle, and half the top barred floor.
Theo's ground floor has a 42 piece "Puzzle Playground", a "ka-bob" and one of the small ferplast houses with chinchilla sand for bathing
Theo's middle floor has his food bowl, wooden see-saw and his wheel.
The top floors. Both the boys have wooden "fiddlestix" bridges, which they move their bedding up to, no matter where it is put in the cage. On Archie's side, he also has his sandbath (not enclosed, as he is less messy!). On Archie's top floor, there is his food bowl and a couple of cardboard tubes
In Archie's Cage, he has his wheel, "ka-bob", "puzzle playground" and spare bedroom, in case he is too sleepy for the big walk back up the tube. He also has another sand bath inside the "Habitrail Outpost" where he likes to eat his dog biscuits and millet.

Reggie's Cage

Reggie lives in the cage that came free with Zac (which appears to be a Wilkinson's Starter Cage, attached to a plastic tub, with a habitrail loft for a bedroom. In his downstairs, he has another habitrail loft as a sand bath, and a log with holes in to run through. He is the only one of the hamsters who really likes to dig.
Upstairs he has a Silent Spinner wheel (the 5th wheel we've tried him with, he made all the others loud), "puzzle playground", "ka-bob" food bowl and water bottle.

The Robo's Cage

The robos live in a Hamsterland (by FOP). It is an absolutely enormous cage, 60cm x 60cm, and makes the tiny hamsters seem even tinier. They have two Habitrail Safari wheels (three is a bit of a crowd at running time), a sand bath, some tubes to run through, the pink "run ball" and a couple of wooden toys to climb on.