Currently, we have six hamsters. Three Winter Whites and three Roborovskis.

The Robos
Ira Gel Zac

Ira was one of our original pair, bought on the 2nd of January, 2005. Sadly, Ira's partner Uri died early Septemnber 2004. We bought Gel to keep Ira company a couple of days later. Then, in November 2005, I spotted a post on Hamster Heaven from a breeder who had to close down, and needed homes for all the hamsters. Among the array of Syrians and Winter Whites, there was one Robo, so of course I couldn't let him be lonely, and said i'd take him. He was very nervous and jumpy, afraid of us and other hamsters. After a month and a half or so he'd settled down enough to be handled, and I tried to introduce him to the other two, went well for a week then Ira started to chase him. I gave up, and thought i'd try later (in case Ira thought we'd be introducing successions of strangers!). In March 2006, I re-tried introducing and kept them in a split cage for a week and a half (swapping them to opposite sides daily), until they seemed totally used to each other, they now live as a happy little trio.

The WWs
Archie Reggie Theo

Archie, Reggie and Theo are brothers. We picked them up from someone who had accidental babies on July the 30th, 2005. Archie is a sapphire, and Reggie and Theo are normal coloured. They lived together for a couple of months, but Theo started to bully Reggie, so Theo was taken out, Reggie then started to bully Archie. Theo and Archie were successfully re-paired, but after 3 weeks, Theo started to pick on Archie. The Trio now live seperately, with Theo and Archie partially in a split cage, as they seem to enjoy each other's company, and move their beds to either side of their split to sleep. They get mopey and moody if completely seperated.